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What is Laravel?


Laravel is a PHP MVC framework, to put it briefly. The lengthy version is that Laravel is a symphony-based PHP Framework for Web Artists that is free and open-source. The short version is that Laravel is a PHP MVC Framework. The long version would be, Laravel is a free and open-source PHP Framework for Web Artisans based on Symfony.

Following the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural paradigm, it aids in creating web applications. We are going to use Laravel to create a straightforward blog application from scratch in order to better grasp the framework.

Requirements: You will need a few programs installed on your computer in order to construct a Laravel application.

These tools consist of:

Database, PHP >= 7.4 (MySQL).

Web server localhost - We'll utilize WAMP (for Windows), LAMP (for Linux), or MAMP in this instance (for macOS). You won't need to manually install PHP and MySQL because this localhost webserver already has the most recent versions installed. Visit and select the program for your platform to install MAMP, LAMP, or WAMP.

A composer is a tool for managing PHP dependencies. Visit to download the composer for your platform, then install it.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that runs outside of the browser and is free and open-source. Although we won't create any Node.js code, Laravel will use it in the background to speed up our work.

Code Editor: You'll need a code editor. Using Visual Studio Code is advised: It's free. A browser will do just well, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, or Safari. Familiarity with the PHP programming language. Now that our machine is set up, we can begin developing. Visit the website.